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Get your beach body tan with our 40 bulb turbo tanning bed!
$50 Membership or $12 per session!
Open 9am-6:30pm Mon-Fri and 10am-2pm on Saturdays

Also offering lipo-laser treatment, contouring body wraps, weight management options, nutrition and supplementation, massage, aromatherapy, waxing, facials, foot and hand treatments and more...

Spa Julia believes that a lifestyle change is the key to wellness. You must first make the choice to change and the result will be improved health, wellness and body image. While we offer safe, simple cosmetic solutions for shaping and trimming your body, nutrition and fitness are the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improved body image.
Our desire is that every client gets the most effective approach to targeted body sculpting and wellness at every visit. We hope to use our safe technology, through ultrasonic cold lipo-laser, to motivate a lifestyle change, or simply help to contour those trouble areas that your workouts may have failed to accomplish.
We offer nutritional supplements for weight management, energy and overall health, as well as ongoing support for a clean diet and safe fitness choices. Spa Julia is the total package for a practical life of wellness, and the path to a new and improved you!
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153 S. Cherokee Rd.
Social Circle, Ga. 30025